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True Love part 2
The next day Ethan goes to Teresa house. Ethan was about to knock on the when Pilar started to open the door.

Ethan: Good morning Pilar.

Pilar: Hello Ethan and good morning to you too.

Ethan: Pilar can I speak to Teresa please?

Pilar: Yes! Ethan why don't you come in.

Ethan: Thank you Pilar.

Pilar went to Teresa room and knock on her door.

Teresa: Yes , Mama come in. What is it mama?

Pilar: Mija Ethan is here to see you.

Teresa: Thank you mama.

So Pilar left Teresa room and said:

Pilar: Mija remember your promise to god.

Teresa: Oh mama every thing will be all right I promise.

So Teresa into the living room. Ethan came towards Teresa pick her up and kiss her and hug her.

Teresa: Good morning handsome.

Ethan: Good morning beautiful.

Teresa: Ethan we need to mama about us getting married.

Ethan: I know Teresa because we need to tell my parents as well.

Teresa: Yes we do Ethan. We need to tell everybody. You need to breaks thing off with Gwen.           Ethan honey.      

Ethan: Yes Teresa darling that is the first thing I am going to do.

Teresa: Mama would you please come out here.

Pilar: Yes Theresa.

Teresa: Mama please sit down .

Pilar: Why Teresa?

Teresa: Because Ethan and I have something to tell you.

Pilar: All right hija I will sit down.

Ethan: Well, Pilar last night at the benefit I ask Teresa for her hand in marriage and she said yes.

Teresa: Mama I am going to be Mrs. Ethan Crane.

Pilar: What about Gwen?

Ethan: I am going to break up with her.

Pilar: Hija what about Luis? You know how he feels about the Crane's.

Teresa: I know mama but maybe he will be happy for me.

Pilar: Ethan What about your parents?

Ethan: Well, we need to tell them the news about us getting married. First we need your blessing Pilar.

Pilar: Well, you have my blessing to marry my little girl. Welcome to the family Ethan.

Ethan: Thank you so much Pilar for your blessing.

Ethan looks at Teresa and whisper I love you. Teresa does the same thing.

Ethan: Let's go and tell my parents about us getting married. Shop for our wedding rings.

Teresa: All right Ethan honey .

So Ethan and Teresa left her house and headed to The Crane Mansion.