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True Love Part 3
So Ethan and Teresa are on there way to the Crane Mansion. When Ethan and Teresa arrive to the mansion Ivy and Julian were in the living room having there morning coffee.
Ethan: Good you both are here.

Ivy: What is it Ethan?

Ethan: Mother and Father I have some news for you.

Ivy: I know you and Gwen have set a wedding date is that it.

Ethan: No mother Gwen and I haven't set and I haven't set a wedding date but Teresa and I have set a wedding date.

Ivy: Son what do you mean that you and Teresa have set a wedding date?

Ethan: Teresa please come here.

Teresa: All right Ethan.

So Teresa walk into the living room and stop right next to Ethan and held his hand. Then Ethan start's tell his parents.

Ethan: Mother and Father I am not going to marry Gwen. I am going to marry Teresa.

Ivy sit down on a chair in shock of her sons announcement.

Ivy: Ethan is this a joke?

Ethan: No mother it is not a joke. I love Teresa not Gwen.

Ivy: Julian do something.

Julian: Ethan good show. I hope you and Teresa are very happy together.

Ethan: We are father.

Teresa: Mrs. Crane you once told me to go after my one true love. So I did I have been in love with Ethan my whole life. I have always dream of marrying Ethan for a long time. Now my dream is coming true . Would you please give us your blessing?

Ivy: Ethan I guess you have to break up with Gwen. Teresa welcome to The Crane Family.

Teresa: Thank you Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: From now call me Ivy or Mother.

Julian : Same here call me Julian or Father.

Teresa : Thank you both.

Ivy and Teresa were sitting on the sofa having a cup of coffee. While Ethan an Julian were by the fireplace having there coffee.

Ethan: whispers I love you Teresa.

Teresa just smile at him.