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December 16th
"My Solemn Vow"
I am hereby making a vow. If Ethan does marry Gwen-and believe me, I'm positive that's not going to happen-then I am going to close my diary once and for all. Of course, there's like a less than one percent chance that the wedding will happen, but if for some crazy reason it does then it's time for me to stop keeping this diary. As a love-sick teenager with pictures of Ethan all over my room it was fine to write page after page about Ethan...but as a Crane Industries executive with my own baby I can't just be daydreaming about a married man. No...if Ethan marries Gwen, I will be forced to make a change. And that means no more diary. Of course, since there's no way they're going to be saying, "I do," I'm sure that means my diary and I will be together for a long time to come!