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December 19th recap
Fox starts betting with family heirlooms as his gambling debt increases.

Gwen reads Ethan's employment papers as she walks down the aisle. The ceremony comes to a screeching halt when the livid bride-to-be slaps Ethan hard across the face. Ethan apologizes for not telling her about taking the job, but insists he needs it to support her and the baby. Theresa is thrilled with how her plan is unfolding. Ivy and Rebecca struggle to keep everything on track. Theresa feigns innocence and defends herself. Gwen and Ethan exchange ultimatums regarding his new job and their future. Ethan leaves it up to Gwen to decide whether they should still get married.

Charity fears all the weddings will fail; Kay hopes she's right. Beth learns an upsetting fact about her parents.