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December 17th recap
While playing a high-stakes game of poker, a mysterious and cocky young man reveals he has a link to Harmony.

As the engagement party continues, Charity has a premonition about several people trying to tear couples apart. Theresa plots to end Gwen and Ethan's engagement, while Ivy and Rebecca celebrate their children's future together. Kay comes close to revealing David and Ivy's scheme to her parents. Liz starts to tell TC everything. The party is interrupted when Antonio collapses and stops breathing. Eve revives him, but she admits he probably doesn't have long to live. Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth as a weak Antonio is taken back to the cottage to rest. Sheridan has an important question for Luis regarding their future should Antonio die before the wedding.

Back at the party, David reports to Ivy that Kay knows the truth. Ivy and Kay face off. Whitney tries to talk Theresa out of her plan, but Theresa insists she'll be saving Ethan from a lifetime of unhappiness. Theresa realizes she needs to find a sneakier way of getting Gwen to see the employment papers so Ethan won't blame her.