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December 16th recap
Believing the end is near for her and her dolls, Tabitha shops for a casket. Theresa throws an engagement party at the Seascape for Antonio and Sheridan, Luis and Beth, Miguel and Charity, and Ethan and Gwen.

Charity worries about evil coming between her and Miguel. In private, Miguel coldly warns Kay he'll never speak to her again if she tries anything to stop his wedding to Charity.

Liz tells TC her sister is at the party. Eve is horrified. Ivy thinks she knows who is out to get Eve.

Despite Sam's best efforts to make inroads with Grace, she pushes him away.

Whitney is appalled that Theresa plans to have Ethan's employment papers "accidentally" delivered to him at the party. Theresa anticipates an explosive reaction once Gwen finds out Ethan will be working for her. Meanwhile, Gwen assures Ethan she doesn't mind moving to Alaska, especially since they'll be far away from Theresa. Ethan can't bring himself to tell his fiancée about his new job.