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Dec 9th to Dec 13th
Beth confides her wedding plans to Mrs. Wallace, who is devastated to realize she may be forced to live in a nursing home if Beth goes ahead with her plans. Elsewhere, Liz and Antonio discuss her sister. A misguided Antonio thinks Liz and Eve could be friends, unaware that Liz is out to destroy Eve's life and her marriage. Meanwhile, Sheridan begs Luis to reconsider and not end their relationship. Eve confirms Gwen is indeed pregnant and expecting Ethan's baby. Charity and Miguel are on cloud nine making plans to be wed, but Kay is determined that this will never happen. Kay pulls John into her plan to break up Miguel and Charity and tries to push John to seek out Charity. She gives him false hope that Miguel isn't really in love with Charity. Ethan drops a bombshell when he tells Gwen that he has a job offer in Alaska and wants them to move there so he can take it. Gwen tries to explain that she can take care of them until something better comes along, but Ethan won't hear of it. Meanwhile, everyone is surprised when Theresa welcomes the idea of having Ethan and Gwen's wedding reception at the mansion. Rebecca is suspicious that Theresa is planning to disrupt the wedding. Kay lashes out at him and accuses Miguel of using her for sex. John overhears the truth. Beth brags to Mrs. Wallace that she's getting married no matter what. Mrs. Wallace vows not to let it happen. Beth has a disturbing memory about her childhood. Meanwhile, Luis, Antonio, Miguel and Ethan pick out their tuxes. Ethan hopes they can all be friends even though he's marrying Gwen. The guys assure him they understand. Ethan tries to convince Luis not to marry Beth. Luis stands firm in his resolve to move on. Gwen is making arrangements to move to Alaska with Ethan, but Rebecca and Ivy are concerned that Theresa is plotting something to stop the wedding. Thanks to Theresa's secret manipulations, the Alaska position falls through. When Theresa consoles Ethan with a job offer to work at Crane Industries, he feels he has no choice but to accept. He worries about Gwen's reaction, but Theresa presses him to stick with his decision. Father Lonigan questions Sheridan's feelings. Beth is not about to let Mrs. Wallace do anything to spoil or stop her big day.