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December 12th recap
Grace orders Kay to accept Miguel and Charity's wedding. Kay accuses her mother of carrying on with David while ignoring Sam. Charity is stunned to see Kay in a new light.

Theresa plots to make sure Ethan doesn't get the job in Alaska. Pilar is outraged with her daughter, but Theresa won't give up on her plan.

Gwen is suspicious about Theresa's reasons for including her and Ethan as guests of honor at the engagement party she's throwing for her brothers. Gwen tries to comfort Sheridan, who is distraught that Luis is marrying Beth. Gwen voices her suspicions about Luis' new fiancée. Meanwhile, Beth gloats to her mother about getting married. Mrs. Wallace vows not to let it happen. Beth has a disturbing memory about her childhood.

Luis, Antonio, Miguel, and Ethan pick out their tuxes. Ethan hopes they can all be friends even though he's marrying Gwen. The guys assure him they understand. Ethan tries to convince Luis not to marry Beth. Luis stands firm in his resolve to move on.