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December 11th recap
Gwen is troubled when Ethan informs her that the only job offer he has is in Alaska. Ethan wants to take the job so he can support his family. Meanwhile, everyone is surprised by Theresa's reaction upon learning Ethan and Gwen's wedding reception will be held at the mansion. Rebecca is convinced Theresa is up to something. Pilar fears what trouble her daughter's plan will cause.

Determined to walk again, Ivy steps up her physical therapy. Eve is disgusted when she learns Ivy's motivation is to be able to dance with Sam at Ethan's wedding. Thinking of Liz, Eve goes off on a rant about people ruining loving marriages. Ivy smiles as she realizes someone is after Eve's husband.

Miguel is stunned to discover that Kay, not Father Lonigan, is on the other side of the confessional. Kay lashes out at him and accuses Miguel of using her for sex. John overhears the truth. He ushers Charity and David out of the area, but a suspicious Grace heads for the confessional.