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December 9th recap
Charity overhears Kay and Miguel arguing. A delighted Kay thinks Charity has learned she slept with Miguel. However, Charity assumes Kay is upset over another secret; she shocks everyone by announcing Reese and Jessica have been secretly dating!

Eve confirms Gwen is indeed expecting. Ethan feels inadequate when Gwen has to handle financial matters. Meanwhile, Theresa stands up to Alistair. Alistair commends her on her determination. Theresa vows to get what she wants.

Beth excitedly tells Mrs. Wallace about her wedding plans. Mrs. Wallace is horrified to realize she may be forced to live in a nursing home. Elsewhere, Liz and Antonio discuss her sister. A misguided Antonio thinks Liz and Eve could be friends. Meanwhile, Sheridan begs Luis to reconsider and not end their relationship. Luis gives Sheridan a difficult choice.