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December 6th recap
Jessica helps Charity with her wedding gown. She warns Kay not to cause any trouble. Later, Kay tries to talk Miguel out of marrying Charity, but he reiterates his love for her cousin. Kay accuses Miguel of using her.

Ethan fills Chad in on Gwen's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Theresa declares to Whitney that it's not over between her and Ethan. Theresa tries to convince her friend that they can have it all, but Whitney fears she will end up with nothing.

Antonio worries about Sheridan's future and asks her for a promise. Antonio imagines who Sheridan could end up with after he dies. Beth is thrilled when Luis accepts her marriage proposal. Luis attempts to be straight with Beth by gently informing her he would be marrying Sheridan instead if she were free. Beth hides her hurt and in turn, asks Luis if he will end up leaving her for Sheridan once Antonio dies.