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December 4th recap
The Bennett Thanksgiving dinner turns into a disaster when the meal is tampered with. Grace blames herself for ruining the dinner. Cracked Connie and Cecil snicker as their handiwork causes Grace to snap. Sam comforts Grace and the two reconnect. Sam assures his wife she means everything to him.

Kay lets her feelings about Charity and John be known. Charity's choice in a wedding dress upsets Kay.

TC lays down the law with Whitney. Liz and Whitney bond. An unsettled Eve warns Liz to stay away from her daughters.

Rebecca continues working on her plan to destroy Theresa. Theresa's conversation with Father Lonigan puts a sudden halt to Ethan and Gwen's wedding plans. Concerned that Ethan is marrying Gwen out of obligation, Father Lonigan asks Ethan who he really loves: Gwen or Theresa. Theresa is certain he will choose her.