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December 3rd recap
Everyone congratulates Miguel and Charity on their official engagement. Tabitha tells Cecil and Cracked Connie the three of them will be destroyed should the marriage occur. Cecil and Cracked Connie scamper off to cause trouble. Kay lashes out in anger at Grace. When David sticks up for Grace, Kay makes veiled threats against him. A stunned David realizes the scheming teen knows about him and Ivy.

The Russells and Liz arrive to spend Thanksgiving with the Bennetts. TC continues letting Whitney have it for losing the tennis match. Whitney silently suffers as Simone fawns all over Chad.

Father Lonigan nearly tells Antonio the truth. Beth covers and manages to keep the secret hidden. Father Lonigan tells Sheridan he can't marry her and Antonio if she is really in love with Luis. Sheridan lies to keep Antonio in the dark and hurts Luis deeply in the process.