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December 2nd recap
Tabitha gets an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with the Bennetts. Clamoring for a holiday feast, Cecil and Cracked Connie coerce Tabby into taking them with her.

Sam is hurt when he sees David has helped Grace get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Grace lets Sam know she doesn't think she can count on him. David reports the marital tension back to Ivy. Kay is irritated when Grace fusses over John. Reese and Jessica share a close moment, but back off when a suspicious Kay questions them.

Pilar's reporter friend, Maria Celeste, continues to flirt with an oblivious Julian to get the dirt on him and his family. Theresa grows nervous as Ivy tries to convince Ethan and Gwen to move out of the mansion. Ethan is impressed with Theresa when she retells how she stopped Julian from divorcing her.

Antonio overhears Luis tell Sheridan he loves her. Beth's quick thinking keeps Antonio in the dark. Luis wishes the truth had come out. Beth privately vows not to let that happen.