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Rodney Van Johnson
Rodney Van Johnson plays TC Russell, the often hot-tempered, high school athletic coach whose own professional tennis career was cruelly cut short by a mysterious accident involving Julian Crane.

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Van Johnson is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a degree in education. His television credits include the role of Sebastian on the daytime drama “Port Charles,” and the role of Trey on “The Young and the Restless.” He was a series regular on the syndicated series “Pensacola: Wings of Gold” and has made numerous guest appearances on “Grace Under Fire,” “Babylon 5,” “The Jamie Foxx Show” and NBC’s “Mad About You.”
Rodney is a spokesman and research advocate for the National Familial Pancreatic Tumor Registry at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Van Johnson lives in Los Angeles with his long-time girlfriend Carmen Obando and their son Quincy. His birthday is February 20.