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Dana Sparks
Dana Sparks plays Grace Bennett, the beautiful, amnesiac wife of police chief Sam Bennett. She also appears as Grace’s twin sister Faith Standish.

Sparks was born in the San Francisco suburb of Orinda, California. After enrolling in modeling school, she successfully auditioned for a national Coca-Cola commercial. Bitten with the acting bug Sparks’ first acting audition resulted in a contract role on the series “Cover Up.” Soon after, her neighbor, producer/director Blake Edwards, spied her on the beach in Malibu and cast her in the feature film “That’s Life.”
On her second series audition, Sparks won the role of Vicki Gioberti on “Falcon Crest,” where she spent two-and-one-half years. Her other television credits include “Melrose Place,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Murder, She Wrote,” “thirtysomething,” and NBC’s “L.A. Law.” She was most recently seen as Lieutenant Commander Carolyn Imes on the hit series “JAG.”

Sparks resides in Ventura County with her husband and dogs. An avid golfer, she enjoys playing in charity golf tournaments. Her birthday is August 1.