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Bruce Micheal Hall
Bruce Michael Hall portrays Reese Durkee, the brainy Harmony High School class “geek” whose two goals in life are to win the love of Kay Bennett and prove that Tabitha Lenox is in fact a witch!

Born on a rural farm in St. Joseph, Missouri, Hall moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater. Hall modeled while attending school and has appeared in national advertising campaigns for products such as Lipton Tea, Michelin Tires and the Urgent Gear clothing line. His television credits include “Boston Public,” NBC’s “Sunset Beach,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Big Bad Beetleborgs” and NBC’s Saturday morning series “One World” and Digital Entertainment’s “Frat Ratz.”

Hall’s hobbies include making his own furniture, singing, dancing and horseback riding. His birthday is September 10.