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Cracked Connie

Zombie Charity was sick of Tabitha whining over losing Timmy, so she decided to take action by creating a new doll. Tabitha said she wanted nothing to do with another sidekick, but Zombie went forward with her plan anyway. After lots of unsuccessful attempts at putting together a new doll, Zombie finally got it somewhat together. When Tabitha was asleep, Zombie decided to take action. She asked the boys in the basement for help in bringing Connie to life! When Connie opened her eyes, Zombie realized that this doll was not exactly what Tabitha might have in mind...but hey, beggars can't be choosers!

In a nutshell, Connie is the total opposite of Tabitha's sweet, kind, good Timmy. Connie's idea of a good time is spreading evil and causing pain and misery.  A grotesque crack in her face that she got after Tabitha knocked her to the floor! She is sometimes called Rag Doll, Imp from the Inferno Down Under, Fiendish Freak, Scar Girl, and Devil Doll

Connie grabed hold of Tabitha and choked her when she first me her. then she stole Reese's father's car.

She made herself a man with the help from the Friends in the Basement. He is called Cecil.